The Parishes of Bottisham, Lode, Stow-cum-Quy, Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior
Anglesey Group of Parishes Benefice of Five Churches near Cambridge


Sunday, 11th December - Advent 3

Bottisham :
Lode :
Stow-cum-Quy :
Swaffham Bulbeck : 9.30 BENEFICE Holy Communion Common Worship 1
Swaffham Prior : 11.00 BENEFICE All Age Service

Sunday, 18th December - Advent 4

Bottisham : 8.00 Book of Common Prayer - 18.30 Carol Service
Lode : 9.30 Holy Communion CW1 & Family Christingle - 16:00 Carol Service
Stow-cum-Quy : 15.00 Carol Service
Swaffham Bulbeck : 18.30 Carol Service
Swaffham Prior : 16.30 Carol Service

Key Events in the Benefice

from our vicar, Reverend Sue Giles

Thinking Allowed!

One of the things I enjoy when I have time, is catching up with “The Sky at Night” and Horizon programmes about astronomy. I like to find out what scientists are doing and discovering now. It struck me, as I looked at the catch up menu, how many of these programmes are about astronomers looking for planets similar to our own. They are looking for worlds that are warm, but not too warm. Planets which might have water on the surface indicating the possibility of organic molecules and life. In addition scientists are also looking at the signals and the information that we send into deep space in case another life form is searching for us and we regularly sweep the sky looking for extra-terrestrial communication. It’s as if we are lonely in the solar system and are eagerly searching for life forms that might communicate with us and ease that existential loneliness.

It is a fascinating area of thought and reflection, one that has initiated many films and books. Yes, it would be amazing to discover life on some distant planet yet we do not need to feel lonely or alone in the cosmos. Christmas is a great celebration of the fact that not only are we not alone but the life force which gave rise to all that we know and all that we have yet to discover is not out there on some distant and unknown planet but is right with us, beside us, one with us. Just as there is much still to discover about the solar system there is still much to learn and discover about God too. At Christmas we celebrate the fact that Almighty God, the one we cannot comprehend or even begin to get our minds around, came from all the vastness and power that was his, to be born amongst us as one of us, fragile and vulnerable. Jesus taught his friends how to pray so that they might never feel alone with anything ever again. He gave them his Spirit to be with them always. He came to demonstrate God’s closeness and commitment to us by living beside us and taking human form. Immanuel means God with us and that’s what Jesus wanted all people to understand. Whatever we have to struggle with in life, whatever challenges we are faced with we are not alone. Beside us and within us the love of God shines. We do not have to search for him or look for him in distant and strange worlds for he is right here to bless us with strength and peace.

I pray that you might discover God right beside you this Christmas and that you will experience his peace and love.

God’s blessings to you



Bunda Girls’ School, Mara, Tanzania

Over the past few editions of our village magazine we have been sharing information with you about the Anglesey benefice link with the diocese of Mara and some of the projects we support there. As part of that we asked if you would be willing to join us in equipping the girls school that the church has built to give young women in Tanzania the opportunity to move on to secondary education.

We are very grateful for the wonderful response to that appeal and for all the donations that have been received. As a result of your generosity we have raised £5,100 so far. This will allow the school to buy the science equipment they need and to contribute towards some bursaries to allow more girls to attend the school. Education is a vital way of equipping the next generation so that they can  shape the future. Bunda girls’ school will enable at least a few of the talented young people of Tanzania to realise their potential and achieve their ambitions to be the teachers, doctors and engineers of the future. We will be leaving the appeal open until the end of December so if you would like respond there is still time.

The money raised so far will be sent this week and the head-teacher at Bunda now knows that her science labs will soon be fully equipped and practical lessons can begin.

Many thanks to you.

Revd. Sue Giles and Revd. Roger Bowen




From Bunda Girls’ School, Diocese of Mara, Tanzania


Dear Anglesey Friends

Praise God!  We give thanks for the love you have shown us, particularly to help our school to obtain lab equipment so that our students will now be able to do practical science and be successful in a way which was not possible before.

And we shall let you know if we can use part of your donations to give bursaries to some of our more needy students to help with their fees.

Please pass on our greetings and our gratitude to all the Anglesey villages for the help they have given us.  May God bless you all – and you are very welcome to visit Bunda Girls!

Mrs Deninsia Jerome






The Parishes of Bottisham, Lode, Stow- cum-Quy, Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior
Anglesey Group of Parishes Benefice of Five Churches near Cambridge